The 2017 ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo was a turning point for Australia’s cleaning industry. After decades of fighting to remain relevant, professionals of all levels and from all company types took one more chance on the market and were beaming with pride at the new energy they felt in the Expo aisles and sessions.

It has been all too easy of late to sit back and complain about the denigration of cleaning’s worth in Australia, and the lack of interest in paying for progress – whether that be for quality products, services or investing in our workers. But that changed last May, when executives across the Oceania region gambled on a new effort from a global association, ISSA, that chose to invest in the local market. For two days, the industry was shining with pride at the ability to come together again, to have meaningful conversations, to find true innovations and solutions, and to find out that they weren’t the only ones still trying to make a difference in a jaded market.

This is just the beginning. We at ISSA, partnered with Interpoint Events, are committed to a three-part strategy over the next 12 months that will focus on continuing the progress that more than 1500 industry professionals started in Melbourne. Our efforts will centre around the simple, yet powerful concepts we saw at the last show… Be Proactive. Be Best in Class. Be Proud.

Get your key staff involved so they can be infected with the passion. And, the promise we make to you, is that by the time the ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo comes around in 2018, we will have something even more exciting to which you will be proud to bring your people and your customers.

It will be your Time to Shine!