Explore the exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities for ISSA’s 2023 Cleaning & Hygiene Expo.

Brand Name: Makita Australia
Stand Number: 157
Exhibitor Status: Platinum Sponsor, Exhibitor

Business Description:

Makita is leading the way in cordless Commercial Cleaning, Power Garden & Power Tool solutions. Makita’s 18V LXT & 40V Max XGT battery platforms deliver market leading performance and the dual battery ‘X2’ technology provides even more power.

Makita has the cordless solution you need to get the job done safely, efficiently and effectively. Paired with market leading rapid charge technology, Makita cordless tools are ready to work when you are!

Business Website Address: https://www.makita.com.au/

Brand Name: Abco
Stand Number: 29, 37
Exhibitor Status: Gold Sponsor, Exhibitor

Business Description:

Abco Products are more than just a supplier of cleaning products and equipment, we have been empowering cleaners and by extension the whole community for decades through innovative cleaning equipment, expert cleaning advice and investment in sustainable cleaning solutions.

Our online ordering system “Abconet” is a revolutionary tool that sets Abco apart in the industry. With site templates, budget management, permissions control and consumption reports we are helping customers centralise their purchases and making their life easier!

Located nationally across Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney, Abco have been servicing contract cleaners and facility managers for over 20 years.

Business Website Address: www.abcopro.com.au 

Brand Name: Dettol Pro Solutions
Stand Number: 85
Exhibitor Status: Gold Sponsor, Exhibitor

Business Description:

Reckitt’s Dettol Pro Solutions harnesses the power of the same trusted Dettol products to help protect businesses and public spaces from the spread of germs. In today’s world, consumers have increased hygiene expectations which makes germ-protection more critical than ever. The comprehensive approach from Dettol Pro Solutions incorporates protocols and training, Dettol and Dettol branded marketing materials and signage. Dettol Pro Solutions empowers businesses to demonstrate to their staff and customers a commitment to providing a trusted standard for protection.

Business Website Address: https://www.winc.com.au/campaign/dettol-return-to-work

Brand Name: CloroxPro®
Stand Number: 178
Exhibitor Status: Silver Premium Sponsor, Exhibitor

Business Description:

CloroxPro® offers some of the industry’s most recognised and trusted brand names for commercial cleaning, including its Clorox Healthcare® products and technologies for healthcare facilities. Whether it is schools, offices, restaurants, hotels, hospitals or other commercial facilities, CloroxPro® is committed to meeting the demands of industry professionals.

Business Website Address: https://cloroxprofessional.com.au/

Stand Number: 42
Exhibitor Status: Silver Sponsor, Exhibitor

Business Description:

Northfork chemicals is committed to providing you a range of products suitable for any situation. From food service hygiene and washroom products, to housekeeping, personal hand care and laundry washing products, Northfork is ideal for the home and workplace environment.

For over 25 years, Northfork has been manufacturing quality cleaning chemicals at our manufacturing facility in Queanbeyan, NSW.

Northfork chemicals is owned by ACCO Brands Australia, along with other market leading brands such as TruSens, Cleanlink and others. Our house of brands command instant recognition from consumers and are essential in offices, schools, and workplaces everywhere.

Business Website Address: https://northfork.com.au/

Brand Name: Airhygiene Training
Stand Number: 186
Exhibitor Status: Silver Sponsor, Exhibitor

Business Description:

Airhygiene Training is a boutique RTO, delivering a student-centric experience, ensuring students gain the knowledge and confidence to actively apply their new skills.

10829NAT Certificate II in Air Conditioning Hygiene – Australia’s only nationally recognised competency in Air Conditioning Hygiene developed and delivered by HVAC Technicians.

• Learn inside secrets from the professionals
• Learn to work safely on air-conditioning equipment
• Learn to clean and sanitize air-conditioning split and ducted systems

Split system hygiene is becoming increasingly important with many consumers searching for a cost-effective way to clean their systems and reduce the risk of microbial growth to improve their indoor air quality.

Business Website Address: https://airhygienetraining.com.au/

Brand Name: J S Hayes
Stand Number: 92
Exhibitor Status: Silver Sponsor, Exhibitor

Business Description:

For 40 years JS Hayes have provided Australian workplaces a wide range of hygiene and cleaning essentials to keep your teams safe and healthy. We are dedicated to sustainable sourcing and offer our customers brands that our customers trust and find value for money. Our aim is to be an enabler of supplier diversity and play our part to help deliver positive social change for Aboriginal Australians. Together our full catalogue of quality brands includes Tork, Deb, Regal, Tru-Soft, Enviro-Saver, Cultural Choice, Wirrpanda, Oates, Tasman & Chemform. JS Hayes is a member of ISSA and an Australian Trusted Trader.

Business Website Address: https://www.jshayes.com.au/

Brand Name: Freudenberg – Oates
Stand Number: 172
Exhibitor Status: Silver Sponsor, Exhibitor

Business Description:

Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solution (FHCS) is a leading international company for branded cleaning products and systems. The Professional products and solutions are sold under the brand names Vileda Professional, Oates and Research Products. With an extensive national warehousing network and over 1100 products, Oates prides itself on delivering the highest level of quality products with national service for over 90 years. Research Products range ensures that a complete cleaning solution is available for commercial cleaners, and it has been recognized as an innovator in the supply of hard floor and carpet cleaning solutions. Vileda Professional is recognized as an international leading innovator and technology company, providing professional cleaners with cost-efficient and high-performance cleaning solutions, supported by intelligent, value-adding services, to make customers more efficient.

Business Website Address: http://www.oates.com.au/

Brand Name: Rubbedin
Stand Number: 202
Exhibitor Status: Silver Sponsor, Exhibitor

Business Description:

Rubbedin is excited to be a Silver Sponsor at the ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo. Founded in 1979 by the late Dr Donald Lakeland, a metallurgist and lecturer. We manufacture Australian Made & Owned, premium, sustainable cleaning and surface protection solutions. The ISSA Expo is the perfect place to launch our New Magic Commercial Grade Disinfectant Cleaner 6in1 Concentrate. Breaking tradition, this product harnesses the power of a naturally derived biosurfactant called Surfactin, uniquely sourced from our own probiotic bacterium. Visit our stand and learn about our latest technology and brands Magic, InvisiGarde, PuraChoice and Firewise.

Business Website Address: https://rubbedin.com.au/

Stand Number: 76
Exhibitor Status: Silver Sponsor, Exhibitor

Business Description:

Tennant Company is a recognized leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing solutions that help create a cleaner, safer, healthier world. With a vision to become a global leader in sustainable cleaning innovation that empowers our customers to create a cleaner, safer and healthier world, Tennant creates solutions that are changing the way the world cleans. Tennant products include equipment used to maintain indoor and outdoor surfaces, as well as TennantTrue® financing solutions, equipment parts, service, and maintenance to help ensure superior cleaning performance from your Tennant machines.

Business Website Address: http://www.tennantco.com.au/

Brand Name: Whiteley™
Stand Number: 182
Exhibitor Status: Education Seminar Sponsor, Exhibitor

Business Description:

Whiteley™ is an Australian, family-owned manufacturer of disinfectants and cleaning products. ‘Best practice’ is what Whiteley™ does; when it comes to cleaning and infection control, best practice saves lives and livelihoods.

Whiteley™ has been making innovative cleaning and disinfection products for over 85 years. Proudly based in the Hunter Valley, Whiteley™ has been recognised for its commitment to developing cutting edge technologies that help create safer, cleaner environments. With the rapid spread of infectious disease, improving cleaning practices and infection control has never been more important.

Business Website Address: https://www.whiteley.com.au/

Brand Name: RapidClean National Supply Solutions
Stand Number: 192
Exhibitor Status: Coffee Cart Sponsor, Exhibitor

Business Description:

Established for over 30 years, RapidClean is an Australian & New Zealand owned national company with over 65 stores. Our business is made up of cleaning supply experts managing their owner-operated stores.

RapidClean’s aim is to provide our customers with the support of a national organisation while providing a local service, offering a cost effective one-stop-shop solution.

Our stores stock major brands of industrial, commercial and environmentally friendly cleaning and packaging products. We select only the best suppliers and products and we stand by the quality of the products we stock. Our
collective buying power gives us the ability to offer our customers quality products at the best prices.

Business Website Address: https://rapidclean.com.au/

Brand Name: 3M Cleaning and Workplace Safety
Stand Number: 153
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

3M provides facility managers and contract clears with innovative, sustainable high-value solutions to help protect a building’s life and enhance the performance and productivity of employees.

3M facilities care and cleaning solutions enhance protection, performance and productivity for the life of a building. Whether you need cleaning supplies or janitorial supplies, facility maintenance materials or specialty items from floor mats to safety tapes and treads. 3M products deliver. We also provide industry-leading Scotch-Brite™ products for food services cleaning needs, from griddle cleaning to appliance cleaning, as well as food quality and food safety products.

Business Website Address: www.3m.com.au/commercialcleaning

Brand Name: Aeris Environmental
Stand Number: 40
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Aeris Environmental Ltd are leaders in breakthrough technology that helps keep our living and working environments free from germs, bacteria, viruses, mould and other fungi, while stopping surfaces from degrading.

Our team of world class scientists have developed a number of unique breakthrough formulations that have been patent protected. Our mission is to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Business Website Address:

Brand Name: Agar Cleaning Systems Pty Ltd
Stand Number: 7
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Agar Cleaning Systems takes pride in manufacturing the highest quality cleaning chemical products for the commercial industry.

Based in Melbourne, Ross Agar began formulating cleaning solutions for the family-owned business over 50 years ago.

Agar is at the leading edge of environmental sustainability and care, with select products accredited through the Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA).

The company has always taken a total approach to the future, effectively implementing strategies to reduce harm to the environment and its product users.

The company has always invested heavily in research and design, resulting in its long-standing reputation for products that do the job and can be relied upon.

Agar is renowned within the industry for its technical knowledge and high-performance range which ensures its customers are always able to clean efficiently and effectively.

Business Website Address: www.agar.com.au

Brand Name: ARA Indigenous Services
Stand Number: 204
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

ARA Indigenous was formed by Michael O’Loughlin and Paul McCann in 2016 and in 2017 took out Supply Nations Indigenous Supplier of the Year.

ARA Indigenous Specialises in Cleaning Services Nationally where we can be found both supporting and engaging Indigenous Staff Members from Cleaning through to Management positions.

ARA Indigenous Services use the wider ARA Group to position candidates from our Wiimali Program into the wider business using Cleaning as a valued employment segway.

Business Website Address: https://indigenous.aragroup.com.au/

Brand Name: Aushires Equipment
Stand Number: 14
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Business Website Address:

Brand Name: AUSLEAVE
Stand Number: 150
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Four Australian states and territories provide portable long service leave schemes for workers and employers in the contract cleaning industry. Workers earn long service leave entitlements based on their service to the industry, rather than service with one employer. If you engage workers to perform cleaning work, in one of these jurisdictions, you must register with the relevant scheme and record your worker’s service.

In NSW, contact LSC on 13 14 41 or www.longservice.nsw.gov.au. In QLD, contact QLeave on 1300 QLEAVE or www.qleave.qld.gov.au. In ACT, contact ACTLeave on (02) 6247 3900 or www.actleave.act.gov.au. In VIC, contact PLSA on 1800 517 158 or www.vic.gov.au/portable-long-service

Business Website Address: http://www.longservice.nsw.gov.au/

Brand Name: Brain Corp
Stand Number: 124, Pod B
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Brain Corp is the global leader in robotic AI software that powers the largest fleet of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) operating in commercial public spaces. Global OEM partners use the company’s cloud-connected platform, BrainOS®, to create scalable, self-driving robots that are used by end customers to clean floors and sense environmental data – turning manual operations into automated workflows. Brands across the world benefit from the growing portfolio of BrainOS®-powered robots and our industry leading privacy, safety and efficiency tools that make managing and scaling automation easier.

Business Website Address:

Brand Name: Building Service Contractors Association of Australia (BSCAA)
Stand Number: Pod D
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Established in 1964, the BSCAA is Australia’s peak industry representative body for the building services industry. We support members within the cleaning, security, facilities management, and grounds maintenance industries by providing leadership and a range of relevant and quality services, including industrial relations advice and support, industry-relevant online resources, education, training, information, news, and support services.

Our purpose is to foster and encourage the growth and development of the contract cleaning and building services industry and to promote and protect the interests of members.

We aim to shape a better future for the industry.

Business Website Address: bscaa.com

Brand Name: Callington
Stand Number: 142
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

At Callington, we combine technological innovation with world class manufacturing and process excellence. Callington is a 100% Australian owned OEM company with global businesses in more than 10 countries around the world. We are a preferred global partner to the aerospace, defence, manufacturing, health, and retail markets. Our specialty chemical solutions improve life quality by preventing the spread of diseases, protecting valuable assets, improving manufacturing processes, enabling healthier lifestyles, and supporting a safer world. Our range of COVID-19 outbreak solutions including broad spectrum disinfectants, to cleaning and personal protection products, which help to eliminate a wide range of viruses, germs, and bacteria.

Business Website Address: https://www.callington.com/

Brand Name: CleanLIFE
Stand Number: 38
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

CleanLIFE is an Australian-made range of plastic-free wet wipes for personal, home and commercial use. Part of The Hygiene Co., CleanLIFE provides sustainable solutions for hygiene, disinfection, and cleaning applications, delivering competitive wipes that are biodegradable, compostable and less carbon-intensive than imported wipes.

Business Website Address: https://cleanlife.com.au/

Brand Name: Cleanstar/XPOWER
Stand Number: 50
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Cleanstar/XPOWER is Australia’s leading brand of Cleaning Equipment, Machinery, Vacuum Cleaners, Vacuum Bags & Filters, Spare Parts & Accessories along with Sanitary, Hygiene Supplies and equipment for Restoration and Remediation.

Business Website Address: https://www.cleanstar.com.au/

Brand Name: Coach8
Stand Number: 189
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description: 

Coach8 is an approved IICRC school offering training for the cleaning and restoration industry such as water damage restoration, structural drying, mould, crime & trauma and fire remediation. Coach8 delivers IICRC courses live streamed online, live in the classroom and private customized courses nationwide and throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Coach8 will be hosting the inaugural Australasian Indoor Building Management Symposium featuring Spring Break in 2022.

Business Website Address: https://www.coach8.com.au/

Brand Name: Conquest Equipment
Stand Number: 52
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Conquest was born from the belief that quality, reliable commercial floor cleaning equipment should be backed by equally exceptional service and support. Our expert recommendations are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, ensuring you’ll get the right equipment with flexible terms and servicing plans to suit your unique requirements.

Our hire and rental fleet offers the same quality sweepers and scrubbers, on terms starting from as little as one day and plans extending up to 5 years.

With proven reliability and flexibility to suit your needs, you can rest assured that Conquest is behind you all the way.

Business Website Address: https://www.conquestequipment.com.au/

Stand Number: 56
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Daniels Associates is a Registered Training Organisation and HR Solutions Developer. Our products and services include:
• Certificate III in Cleaning Operations.
• Certificate IV in Cleaning Management.
• Certificate III in Health Support Services.
• Learning Management Software and content for the cleaners and cleaning managers. Over 100 online courses available.
• Corporate branded Learning Management Systems.
• Integrated Police Checks through our association with CTW.

Business Website Address: https://www.danielsassociates.com.au/

Brand Name: DEMA Australia
Stand Number: 139
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

DEMA is a leading supplier of chemical dispensing systems, fluid control devices and industrial solenoid valves, strainers, pumps and injectors for virtually any industrial, institutional and professional market. With a rich heritage in design and manufacturing, combined with knowledgeable staff and support teams DEMA can provide the best solution for each and every requirement.

Business Website Address: www.dema.com.au

Brand Name: Ditch3 Professional Cleaning Tablet
Stand Number: 6
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Sirron Group Holdings exists to support the vulnerable through charity and reward the efforts of our staff and shareholders.

We achieve this by profitably manufacturing and distributing sustainable products and equipment of high quality and performance. We consider this intrinsic to outstanding operational conduct.

By 2023, our brands will be accepted as the best value and quality available in Australia and our service and warranty as second to none. Our long term goal is to be the first choice for every commercial and care establishment in Australia and New Zealand.

Business Website Address:

Brand Name: Diversey
Stand Number: 190
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Harnessing 95 years of expertise and knowledge, Diversey develops cleaning technologies that save lives, providing a tailored, customer-centric approach that empowers sustainable solutions. Protecting and improving the environment, we operate with our customers’ needs at the heart of everything we do. Diversey’s ethical commitment is implicit in all our products and everyday relationships with our staff, our customers, and our planet. These ethics drive our commitment as pioneers of the future and creators of connection and innovation.

Business Website Address: https://diversey.com.au

Brand Name: Dolphy
Stand Number: 3
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Dolphy Australia is an Australian brand and offers a range of Commercial and Residential Bathroom and Hygiene maintenance accessories to many different businesses. The company was established in late 2017 in Melbourne and has been growing rapidly since.

Our range includes Commercial Hand dryers, Sanitizer/soap dispensers, air fresheners and other bathroom fittings such as paper towel dispensers and toilet roll dispensers.

We pride ourselves in bringing an innovative and quality range of products to the market as well as providing outstanding service aftersales.

Our products are based on the latest technology and made from the highest quality materials, designed to look sleek and stylish so they can help add a touch of class to your workplace.

Business Website Address: https://www.dolphy.com.au/

Brand Name: Dominant
Stand Number: 26
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description: 

For over 60 years, Australian businesses have entrusted Dominant with delivering the highest quality cleaning and hygiene solutions, tailored to their unique industry.

We pride ourselves on being a 100% Australian-owned and operated family business, along with our strong commitment to acting sustainably for our future generations.

Our experienced team of experts provide unique, tailored solutions across a wide range of industries and applications we specialise in.

Our overarching goal is to protect your brand like it’s ours. A partnership with Dominant is safeguarding your brand and your people, in the best hands possible.

Business Website Address: www.dominant.com.au

Brand Name: Eclipse Floor Solutions
Stand Number: 30
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Eclipse Floor Solutions is the Australian distributor for Pioneer Eclipse floor care systems, which include propane & battery burnishers ranging from 21″ to 40″, the Barracuda 38″ stripping machine and various grinding and polishing machines. The chemical systems are designed for vinyl, terrazzo, marble, man-made stones and concrete. They are complimented with regular speed, UHS speed and diamond pads.

We recently added the Gausium range of robots to our line including the Vacuum 40, Scrubber 50Pro & 75. The Gausium range is arguably the most technologically advanced on the market today with its simple and efficient mapping and performance features.

Business Website Address: www.eclipsefloorsolutions.com.au

Brand Name: ECOFY
Stand Number: 74
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Ecofy are industry leaders in Chemical Free Cleaning technologies and Quality Microfibre systems.

Ecofy have partnered with Tersano Inc and Greenspeed to bring safer, healthier, quality cleaning products for people and planet to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Products include Tersano SAO cleaning and sanitising system and portable iClean mini. Greenspeed microfibre systems including the revolutionary Re-Belle 100% recycled and 100% recyclable microfibre cloths.

Business Website Address: https://ecofy.net.au/

Brand Name: Ecolab
Stand Number: 12
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

A trusted partner at nearly three million customer locations, Ecolab is the global leader in water, hygiene and infection prevention solutions and services. Protecting people and businesses is what we do, but our greater purpose is to help people lead safer, healthier and cleaner lives whilst protecting our planet’s vital resources.

Customers in the Food, Healthcare, Hospitality and Industrial markets across the world in more than 40 countries choose comprehensive Ecolab solutions, data driven insights, and personalised service to advance food safety, maintain clean and safe environments, operate efficiently, and achieve sustainability goals. Ecolab is everywhere it matters, because what we do and how we do it, matters everywhere.

Business Website Address: www.ecolab.com

Brand Name: Federal Batteries
Stand Number: 151
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Federal Batteries has serviced automotive, commercial and industrial customers in the Australian battery market for over 30 years. Our team of technical and application experts, sourcing and products specialists ensure customers receive high quality, fit for purpose solutions on time Every. Single. Time.

To deliver on our promise, we utilise best practice charging systems and
methodologies, a national network of service centres and highly trained staff. With over 100 years of combined experience, our sales, customer service and management teams are second to none.

Business Website Address: https://federalbatteries.com.au/

Brand Name: Gaomei Australia
Stand Number: 164
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

“A SMARTER CLEAN, A BETTER WORLD” is GAOMEl’s commitment to the global cleaning industry. Established in 1997, GAOMEI Cleaning Equipment Company is a renowned professional cleaning equipment manufacturer.

TENNANT Company (NYSE: TNC), a world leader in designing, manufacturing, and marketing of solutions that help create a cleaner, safer, healthier world, acquired GAOMEI Cleaning Equipment Company in 2019. GAOMEI is based in Hefei, China, and is a recognized leader in the development and production of small- to mid-sized cleaning equipment and solutions for commercial and industrial applications.

Business Website Address: http://www.gaomei.com.au/

Brand Name: Gausium
Stand Number: 102
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Gausium (alias “Gaussian Robotics”) is a leading smart solutions provider of AI-integrated autonomous service robots. Currently, Gausium’s products and services include commercial floor cleaning robots, indoor delivery robots and supplementary accessories like docking stations, cloud platforms and application software.

Business Website Address: https://www.gausium.com/

Brand Name: Godfreys Commercial
Stand Number: 196
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Godfreys Commercial is a dedicated business unit of Godfreys, established to provide innovative and exclusive products, and specialist commercial floorcare solutions to key industry segments – BSC market, Aged and Healthcare, Education, Logistics, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Retail and Accommodation.

We proudly provide clients with industry leading brands, heavy duty equipment, including our company-owned brand, Pullman, and exclusive international third-party brands Comac and Rosemor.

Godfreys Commercial prides itself on superior Customer Service, aftersales care, product training and ongoing education, all available at our new DC. Each service is tailored specifically to the unique requirements of our diverse client base.

Business Website Address: https://www.godfreys.com.au/

Brand Name: Green Drains APAC
Stand Number: 118
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description: The Green Drain is a new standard in drainage technology. It eliminates the need to continually waste water to charge the traps thus becoming a water saving device. Retro-fitted into any standard floor waste in commercial kitchens, hospitals, aged care, hotels/motels, pubs and restaurants; it blocks odours, gases, pests and bacteria from infiltrating your property. The Green Drain is the eco-responsible choice in drainage protection.

Business Website Address: https://www.greendrains.com.au

Brand Name: Hako Australia Pty Ltd
Stand Number: 84
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Manufacturer and servicing of quality, environmentally friendly cleaning machines, including sweepers, scrubbers, vacuums and city cleaning machines.

Business Website Address: https://www.hakoaustralia.com.au/

Brand Name: Hogate
Stand Number: 136
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Ridiculously, we are still using plastic bags in wet weather for umbrellas even shopping plastic bags are banned in supermarkets.

Eco Umbrella dryer provides a simple and cost effective solution to wet umbrella.

We provide umbrella dryer units that quick and easy, wet umbrella in a dryer unit as you walking pass and it dries the umbrella, no more plastic bag.

It will also give you militate against the hazards caused by wet floors.
It will encourage people who walking in to any property without the worry of damaging goods or their own clothes and floor.

According to the Health and Safety Executive website ‘90% of slips happen when the floor is wet with water or contaminated with food product.’ Managing these risks is the first step you can take to preventing slips and falls in your premises.

Business Website Address: www.hogate.com.au

Brand Name: HOSPECO Pty Ltd
Stand Number: 15
Exhibitor Status: Popcorn Sponsor, Exhibitor

Business Description:

Hospeco Pty Ltd is a leader in Hygiene & Washroom for over 20 years.

Manufacturing quality in-house products & representing premium international brands, including HospiPlus, HospiCare, Maxdry, Maxtrap, Extra Pro, Best, FDT, Bobson, Freshening & many more.

Our diverse range covers Odour Control, Hand Care, Urinal & Washroom Maintenance, Insect Control, Hand Dryers, Chemicals, PPE Products, Cleaning Accessories, Wet Wipes, Paper Products & an extensive range of Dispensers in Auto, Manual, Plastic, Stainless Steel just to name a few.

Expert Knowledge, Commercial Quality Products, Competitive Pricing, Vast Local Stock Holdings & a Friendly Team.

Business Website Address: https://hospecoonline.com/

Brand Name: Humiscope
Stand Number: 87
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Creating Safer Indoor Environments, Humiscope provides solutions that establish and maintain reliable, safe, and effortless operations.

Humiscope has over 35 years’ industry experience indoor environment control from dehumidification systems to UV-C lighting technology.

Sterile-Bright™ UV-C and Ozone Lights and Lamps are one of the most powerful and long lasting UV Lights on the market.

Used world-wide by large hotel chains, aged care facilities and within the equine industry, Sterile-Bright™ is internationally certified by Intertek and proven to neutralise surface and airborne bacteria and viruses.

We work with a wide range of industries throughout Australia and overseas. WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!

Reduce your operating costs, energy consumption and safety hazards.

Business Website Address: https://www.humiscope.com.au/

Brand Name: Hygieia-San
Stand Number: Pod C
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

With a proud history of scientific innovation that’s friendly on the planet, Hygieia-San is your gateway to a suite of products that unites high efficacy with a desire to nurture the future, putting your good intentions to work; keeping your clients and customers safe so your business can focus on service & success. Technically advanced products for use in any environment using eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable and non-staining ingredients. It’s fast-acting and highly effective on all types of bacteria and viruses. Our products work to 99.999% efficacy across many application fields disinfecting surfaces, tools, water, and even large areas through vaporisation.

Business Website Address: www.hygieia-san.com.au

Brand Name: iClean Australia
Stand Number: 31
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

iClean Australia is proud to offer a complete line of premium cleaning equipment that includes vacuums, polishers, carpet extraction machines, sweepers and floor scrubbers in both walk behind and ride on models. All our machines are well designed at a sensible price.

iClean is constantly improving and updating our product range to meet our customers current and future needs.

iClean Australia’s business model is founded on supporting a national body of distributors that are capable of offering advice, service and support when and where it is needed.

Come visit us on stand #31.

Business Website Address: https://www.elitecleaningsolutions.com/

Brand Name: INCLEAN
Stand Number: 122
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

INCLEAN is the leading trade publication for the Australian commercial cleaning industry.

Published for more than 30 years, INCLEAN delivers high quality, dedicated industry content.

INCLEAN’s bi-monthly magazine (six issues per year) is essential reading for those in the commercial cleaning industry and reaches all major professionals in the sector.

Incleanmag.com.au provides readers with quality content on the latest news and developments in contracting, carpet and restoration, general management, product and technology, healthcare, as well as legislative changes. The website is complemented by a weekly newsletter.

INCLEAN is published by The Intermedia Group, Australia’s leading B2B publishing, event management and technology business, on behalf of ISSA, the worldwide cleaning association.

Business Website Address: https://www.incleanmag.com.au/

Brand Name: Interclean Group
Stand Number: 8
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

The Interclean Group works to create and implement BEST PRACTICE cleaning systems & training programs in facilities for a wide range of industries including Commercial, Retail, Education, Hospital and Aged Care.

An industry leader, Interclean has always been on the cutting edge of quality products, technology and innovation creating Auditing Apps, Cleaning Management Systems and Disposable Microfibre Cleaning Systems.

Having recently launched the iClean Hospitality Suite internationally, the Interclean Group will be showcasing this intuitive and dynamic digital supervisor that is a game changer in cleaning management.

Business Website Address:

Brand Name: ISSA
Stand Number: 270
Exhibitor Status: Expo Organiser

Business Description:

With more than 10,500 members—including distributors, manufacturers, manufacturer representatives, wholesalers, building service contractors, in-house service providers, residential cleaners and associated service members—ISSA is the world’s leading trade association for the cleaning industry. The association is committed to changing the way the world views cleaning by providing its members with the business tools they need to promote cleaning as an investment in human health, the environment and an improved bottom line. Headquartered in Northbrook, Ill., USA, the association has regional offices in Mainz, Germany; Whitby, Canada; Parramatta, Australia; Seoul, South Korea; and Shanghai, China.

Business Website Address: https://www.issa.com/oceania

Brand Name: i-team ANZ
Stand Number: 72
Exhibitor Status: Juice Sponsor, Exhibitor

Business Description:

i-team are world leaders in innovative solutions to make cleaning faster, better, safer, greener and cleaner. We are stoked about cleaning, thrilled about sustainability and wholeheartedly dedicated to keep on innovating.

Business Website Address: https://i-teamanz.com/

Brand Name: JTY Australia
Stand Number: 68
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

JTY Australia is the official distributor of both White Magic and SYR products for the Australian and NZ commercial cleaning market. White Magic has pioneered the use of “just add water” melamine sponges in the commercial cleaning arena since 2003. In 2020 JTY was appointed the exclusive distributor for Scot Young Research (SYR) products. SYR products manufacture innovative and quality commercial cleaning tools that have been used and tested in the most challenging environments of fast food, hospitals, and aged care since 1954. Visit our stand to see how we can improve your cleaning game.

Business Website Address: www.whitemagic.biz

Brand Name: Kärcher Pty Ltd
Stand Number: 146
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Karcher bring quality, German engineered cleaning solutions to your doorstep. With over 80 years’ experience designing purpose-built machines that provide excellent results, we are the global leaders in cleaning. Our range includes Steam Cleaners, Puzzi Spray Extractors, Scrubber Driers, Dry Vacuum Cleaners, High Pressure Washers and Sweepers.

Business Website Address: https://www.kaercher.com/au/

Brand Name: Krystalshield & Shield Chemicals
Stand Number: 64
Exhibitor Status: Ice Cream Cart Sponsor, Exhibitor

Business Description:

Krystalshield & Shield Chemicals are innovators and creators of Nano protective coatings and environmentally sustainable chemicals that improve the quality and durability of surfaces, such as floors, tiles, glass, stainless steel, automotive and more. Our products help to reduce your overall maintenance, renovation and cleaning costs. From a facilities and asset management perspective, there is also clear evidence that they increase treated substrates’ service life and help maintain asset values by keeping an aesthetic appearance. Some of the products we manufacture include cleaning & maintenance chemicals, Industrial, Hospitality, Automotive, Graffiti removal and prevention, Specialty Coatings & Specialty Cleaners.

Business Website Address: www.krystalshield.com.au

Brand Name: Lotus Commercial
Stand Number: Pod E
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description: Australia’s Leading Commercial Kitchen Exhaust And Specialist Cleaning Company.

Business Website Address: www.lotuscommercial.com.au

Brand Name: Medicom
Stand Number: 108
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Founded in 1988, Medicom is one of the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality infection control, single-use and personal preventive equipment (PPE) for the medical, dental, industrial, laboratory, and beauty markets.

Headquartered in Canada, Medicom has operations in over 95 countries, has 8 fully controlled manufacturing plants in North America, Europe, and Asia.

At Medicom Australia we are committed to making the world a safer and healthier place by using carefully selected materials, cutting-edge technology, and continuous innovation to provide protection that you can count on. To explore our PPE range visit au.medicom.com or come to booth #108.

Business Website Address: http://au.medicom.com

Brand Name: MotorScrubber Australia
Stand Number: 206
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Motorscrubber is a leader globally in compact scrubbing machines, disinfecting and cleaning systems producing the highest quality, most powerful machines and innovative disinfecting and cleaning systems on the market. Motorscrubber products are continually fine-tuned and adapted to ensure they are the best fit for purpose for each application. Quality, Innovation, and the highest level of Customer Service are the core values of Motorscrubber.

Motorscrubber are on a mission to reinvent the cleaning experience giving you the highest quality commercial quality compact machines, disinfecting and cleaning systems in the world.

Business Website Address: www.motorscrubberclean.com

Brand Name: Nilfisk
Stand Number: 54
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Nilfisk is a leading global provider of professional cleaning products and services including floorcare equipment, vacuum cleaners, high pressure washers and robotics.

The company was founded on a vision of producing and selling products of the highest quality worldwide and for more than a hundred years, Nilfisk has adapted to the changing needs of our customers with innovative solutions.

COVID-19 has put a focus on cleanliness and hygiene, making it a business-critical focus for all industries. Nilfisk is committed to helping our customers navigate the changing demands, needs and standards.

Clean is changing. Let’s change it for the better.

Business Website Address: https://www.nilfisk.com/en-au/

Brand Name: PACVAC
Stand Number: Business Lounge
Exhibitor Status: Business Lounge Sponsor, Exhibitor

Business Description:

Pacvac began operating in Perth, WA in 1978, manufacturing and supplying vacuum cleaners.

It didn’t take long to recognise a gap in the market, and within the first two years of the business’s inception, we developed a productivity-focused vacuum cleaner – the backpack vacuum.

This visionary decision remains at Pacvac’s core, and gave rise to the Superpro 700 Series backpack vacuum cleaner; widely regarded as an industry benchmark.

Our ever-expanding range of products includes canisters, wet & dry machines and most recently cordless backpack like Velo.

Pacvac remains 100% Australian owned after 43 years, with distributors in over 23 countries worldwide.

Business Website Address: https://pacvac.com/

Brand Name: Pandara
Stand Number: 154
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Business Website Address:

Brand Name: Power Source
Stand Number: 43
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

The Power Source is a family-owned business working directly with overseas manufacturers to stay at the forefront of battery technology for the Australian market. As the market leader for battery & charger supply and support for industrial & motive applications, TPS is extremely proud to offer the very best in products such as TROJAN, DISCOVER & DELTEC batteries, DELTA-Q and S.P.E chargers. This is backed with TRUE wholesale support providing every opportunity for long-term success and mutual growth for our network of business partners.

Business Website Address: www.thepowersource.com.au

Brand Name: Powerblast Global
Stand Number: 195
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

At Powerblast we supply and service premium pressure washing equipment to industry where quality & uptime is essential
Home of Kranzle, Powershot and Hotwash. Offering a wide range of high-pressure cleaners and sweepers. We also stock a large range of accessories and spare parts backing up our quality range to ensure your machine is always operating at its peak capabilities.

Business Website Address: www.powerblast.com.au

Brand Name: Record TIME
Stand Number: 24
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description: Record TIME is a Digital management system that will streamline your business. Record TIME allows you to create custom digital dockets, checklists, forms and replicate any paperwork into a digital format that is linked to a QR code. Record TIMES Job site manager, allows your staff to sign in and out using a unique QR code that can be geofenced and made time sensitive. Using our Scheduling feature, you can easily schedule your staff and know where and with who they are working. Record TIME is also used to manage safety and compliance. Using our template builder, you can create pre-start checklists, SWMS and risk assessments keeping your auditors happy and ensuring your staff are operating safely. Record TIME has be built ensuring a simple and efficient operation system for the user. Record TIME will be the most import mobile app your business will ever have.

Business Website Address:www.recordtime.com.au

Brand Name: R & J Batteries
Stand Number: 78
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Established in 1995, R&J Batteries has built a strong reputation for being a leading battery distributor with 27 company-owned branches and over 8000 stockists throughout Australia and New Zealand. We pride ourselves in sourcing the highest quality products worldwide to offer customers the very best in battery technology and expert advice. Our comprehensive portfolio consists of world-class products from brands such as U.S Battery, Fullriver, RELiON and Lester which are best suited for cleaning and hygiene applications. To learn more about these brands, meet the R&J Battery experts at stall #78 at the ISSA Sydney 2021 show or visit rjbatt.com.au.

Business Website Address: http://www.rjbatt.com.au/

Brand Name: Risksmart
Stand Number: Pod A
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Established in 2006, Risksmart Claims Management is a third-party claims administrator and subsidiary of Honan Insurance Group, which is an Australian founded leading risk and insurance broker.

Risksmart’s key purpose is to assist clients with any claims that fall under a significant policy deductible or self-insured risk. This relieves the internal administrative burden from our clients, avoids the excessive costs incurred in outsourcing to a law firm, and ensures claims are resolved for the best commercial outcomes. Our team is comprised of legal professionals and claims specialists with the expertise and negotiating skill required to achieve results.

Business Website Address: http://risksmartclaims.com.au/

Brand Name: Robots4Good
Stand Number: Pod F
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Since 2019, Robots4Good has been a leader of robots-as-a-service across Australia and is the exclusive supplier in Australia and New Zealand for Silicon Valley Robotics company, OhmniLabs, which has deployed over 3,000 service robots to over 48 countries.

We offer a new-to-market innovation through a fully autonomous, ultra-lightweight UV-C disinfecting robot. OhmniClean rapidly delivers medical-grade disinfection and nearly zero cleaning downtime in hospitals, education settings, aged care facilities, tourism situations, transportation and work environments.

Ideal for deep cleaning in high-touch, hard-to-reach places, OhmniClean targets risk elimination from bacterial and viral transmission and can disinfect a 278 m2 space in less than 15 minutes.

Business Website Address: www.facebook.com/robotsforgood

Brand Name: Rubbermaid Commercial Products
Stand Number: 86
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP) has a portfolio of leading brands known for superior performance, design and innovation. We strive to provide innovative, high-quality, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible products.

Our “Work Smarter” philosophy is incorporated into all our products. We consistently develop solutions that are best-in-class in durability, ergonomics, and sustainability.

Business Website Address: www.rubbermaidcommercial.com.au

Brand Name: Sabco Professional
Stand Number: 10
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Sabco (South Australian Brush COmpany) was established in Adelaide in 1892 making it one of the world’s oldest cleaning tool companies.

Today, Sabco is still a family-owned business that is dedicated to providing the highest quality, leading edge cleaning products that are at the forefront of innovation.

In 2019, the Sabco Professional brand was re-launched to better service and meet the high expectations of professional cleaners & other end users. This included the recruitment of additional, experienced and dedicated account managers that are actively engaged with our key supplier partners and end users.

Our professional range of products are made to an even higher quality specifications then our premium consumer products. This ensures an even longer usage life and a superior performance. At Sabco Professional, we continue to develop innovative products for the professional cleaning market with a high emphasis on products from sustainable resources.

Business Website Address: https://sabcoprofessional.com.au/

Brand Name: Sampson Chemical Products
Stand Number: 125
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Sampson Chemical Products is a privately owned and operated Qld based company that was established in 1985 with its humble beginnings on the veranda of the family home.

Sampson Chemical Products specializes in private label with around 85% of our business coming from companies that have their name on our products.

Sampson Chemical Products has a comprehensive range of very high quality products that are competitively priced. Saving you time, money and peace of mind.

We have a reputation for No Back Orders! Back orders can suck the life out of your business. Your customers don’t get their products when they need them and you look bad. How much do back orders cost your business?

Business Website Address: http://sampsonchemicalproducts.com.au/

Brand Name: SC Johnson Professional
Stand Number: 194
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

SC Johnson Professional® are market leaders in specialist cleaning and hygiene. Combining Deb skin care products along with well-known SC Johnson consumer brands, our expertise extends to all occupational sectors as a total solutions provider for industrial, institutional & healthcare users.

With a long history in the professional market, since the 1930’s and with deep category and technical expertise, the SC Johnson Professional® product range provides solutions ranging from skin care and surface care, through to air care, storage and pest control.

Visit our stand to see our consumer brands and innovative specialist professional cleaning and hygiene products.

Business Website Address: https://www.scjp.com/en-au

Stand Number: 184
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Made in Germany – SEBO Upright and Barrel Vacuum Cleaners, Power Brushes, Polisher and Dry Powder Carpet Cleaner provide complete floorcare maintenance for all types of industries. Recommended by Flooring Manufacturers world-wide for their deep cleaning capabilities plus positive indoor air qualities. There is a lightweight SEBO machine to suit every type of operator whether they be working in public areas or congested rooms. SEBO will be demonstrating live the SEBO ET Series of Power Brushes – a must for improved efficiency for backpack operators. Plus, the new SEBO Professional G5 the ultimate cleaning contractor’s machine, low service costs and no downtime.

Business Website Address: https://sebo.com.au/

Brand Name: Simpple
Stand Number: 188
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Simpple is an award-winning facilities management system that streamlines daily operations by eliminating opportunities for miscommunication or misallocation of work, resulting in increased productivity, efficiency and accountability. It integrates sensors (IoT devices, CCTV and robots), software (deep learning methodologies) and robotics to accurately observe, analyse and deploy the workforce to the problem area all within one single dashboard. It is available on both desktop and mobile and can be accessed through browsers or via the app.

It consists of five modules to cater to different facilities with their own needs. The ability to customise helps facility owners to make the best business decisions for their companies and streamline daily operations, raising efficiency and productivity.

In Singapore alone, IFSC’s suite of technologies is deployed in over 400 buildings equipped with 3000 sensors, empowering more than 2000 human and robotic assets. In the short span of 2 years, we gathered more than 10 million data points and we are looking to grow exponentially between 3 to 5 times across continents by 2023.

Business Website Address: www.simpple.com.sg

Brand Name: SoftBank Robotics and GERMii Australia
Stand Number: 193
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

SoftBank Robotics Group Corp.
SoftBank Robotics is driving technology forward by becoming a worldwide leader in robotics solutions. Rapidly expanding with offices in Tokyo, San Francisco, Boston, London, Paris, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Singapore, Sydney, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

GERMii Australia
GERMii is an Australian headquartered engineering science and innovation company, driving exciting change in the fight against pathogens such as COVID-19 through the design, development, manufacturing, and distribution of market first UV-C technology.

Business Website Address: apac.softbankrobotics.com

Brand Name: Solaris Paper
Stand Number: 66
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Solaris Paper is a leading Australian managed and operated provider of innovative kitchen and bathroom hygiene solutions for both businesses (B2B) and households (retail).

Along with our sister, The Sorbent Paper Company, we are one of the largest tissue paper suppliers in Australia. Our market leading brands of Livi, Sorbent, Sorbent Professional and Handee provide quality and cost-effective solutions in toilet paper, facial tissues, hand towel, wipes, soap and sanitizer and dispensers.

Sustainability and responsible sourcing are at the heart of what we do: 100% of our fibre is PEFC certified with zero deforestation and zero illegal logging.

Business Website Address: https://solarispaper.com.au/

Brand Name: Speco Singapore Pte Ltd
Stand Number: 198
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Speco is an Invironment Protection company that keeps you safe from viruses, bacteria, and other types of invisible dangers.

Our proprietary, Made-in-Singapore, antiviral coatings are certified by independent labs and the National University of Singapore.

Our Speco® Proprietary Active Ingredient:
• Neutralises 99.9999% of viruses within 1 minute
• Provides long-lasting protection for up to 180 days
• Is non-cytotoxic and does not harm human cells even with long-term use

Stand Number: 48
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Spitwater is the largest Australian manufacturer of quality high pressure water cleaners as well as importer of vacuum cleaners, scrubber dryers and industrial space heaters. The group distributes its commercial and industrial cleaning and heating equipment through capital city distribution centres as well as authorised dealer network throughout Australia. Spitwater pressure cleaner range includes electric, petrol and Diesel powered models in cold as well as hot/cold water versions. The group’s vacuum cleaners, scrubber dryers and industrial heaters are high quality, Italian made. The LPG heaters are AGA approved in Australia. Spitwater is focused on providing solutions to customers’ cleaning and heating problems.

Business Website Address: http://www.spitwater.com.au/

Brand Name: Steam Australia
Stand Number: 168
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Steam Australia are experts in dry steam cleaning systems. We are a leading supplier of high-quality European steam cleaning equipment, established for over 17 years. We are the go-to company in Australia for quality advice and provide improved cleaning and sanitising solutions.

Dry steam dramatically reduces chemical and water usage and overall cleaning times. Our clients include companies in hospital, health and aged-care, quarantine hotels, food service and production, commercial cleaning, auto detailing and hospitality sectors. We import and stock a wide range of Italian made domestic, commercial and industrial machines, with a national network of distributors and service agents.

Business Website Address: https://steamaustralia.com.au/

Brand Name: STERI-7 PTY LTD
Stand Number: 132
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Steri-7 Pty Ltd is an Australian company. We are distributors of the S-7XTRA range of products for cleaning and disinfection. Our products are manufactured in Australia. Biocidal products with wide ranging efficacy and long lasting protection simplifying your cleaning and disinfection protocols in every environment.

Business Website Address: www.steri-7.com.au

Brand Name: Symbio
Stand Number: 2
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

For almost 50 years, Symbio has dedicated itself to locally manufacturing high-quality cleaning detergents, chemicals and support equipment. Supporting a range of industries, from complex to simplistic, Symbio strives to know the need, present the solution and deliver the expectation in every single interaction.

But we don’t just stop there, along with thousands of cleaning solutions to choose from, the team at Symbio will help you utilise your products through our expert training and services platform, CTS.

At Symbio, we believe everyone should have access to the best cleaning solutions to keep their environment clean, and that’s the Symbio advantage.

Business Website Address: www.symbio.com.au

Brand Name: TEAM Software by WorkWave
Stand Number: 65
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

TEAM Software by WorkWave develops market-leading financial, operations and workforce management solutions for contractors with distributed workforces, with a focus on the cleaning and security industries in the North American, Asia-Pacific and EMEA regions. TEAM provides cleaning and security contractors in North America with the only award-winning fully integrated ERP that reduces risk and costs and drives efficiency, profitability and growth. More than 750 companies and nearly 1 million end users rely on TEAM’s solutions globally, with well over 450 companies and half a million end users in North America alone. Founded in 1989, TEAM is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. TEAM was acquired by WorkWave in September 2021.

Business Website Address: teamsoftware.com

Brand Name: Techno Clean
Stand Number: 161
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Business Website Address:

Brand Name: Terracyclic International Limited

Stand Number: 1
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Terracyclic Bio Bin

Terracyclic’s unique sanitary waste disposal unit has a totally disposable lid and liner cartridge system, which means, no cleaning, less waste,cost savings and an overall reduction of energy use.

No other sanitary waste disposal unit offers so much, our unit has a streamlined design, a unique biodegradable and disposable cartridge system and offers a range of retrofit components to deliver a solution that is perfect for your requirements.

The units can be either wall mounted or free standing, white or black, either manual, or add a foot pedal or auto sensor the choice is yours!

Business Website Address: http://www.terracyclic.com/

Brand Name: The Robot Factory

Stand Number: 144
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

The Robot Factory is “powered by Armaguard Robotics.”  We are a proud tier one master distributor of Gausium cleaning robots. We are Australia and New Zealand’s only robot service provider that can offer “Bank Grade” service and support in every city in each country. Our goal is to be the number one service robot company in Australia and New Zealand. You will receive the absolute best human service possible while taking your robotic journey. From your first inquiry thru the sale and service of your first robot you will be delighted with our friendly and genuine quality service. We will not sleep unless we put a smile on your face! We sell great robots!

Business Website Address: therobotfactory.com.au

Brand Name: Tork
Stand Number: 90
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

As global experts in professional hygiene, Tork has been delivering hygiene solutions for over 50 years. We empower you with the right knowledge, hygiene products, and services to prepare you for what your business does best.

Together with Tork, your business can improve efficiency by lowering consumption, protect staff and customer health and well-being, and enhance the image of your business by delivering a great experience.

Our commitment to sustainability can help you meet your sustainability targets. Tork products have a lower climate impact, reduce waste and are ethically sourced.

Tork helps you think ahead so you can stay ahead.

Business Website Address: https://www.tork.com.au/

Brand Name: True Blue Chemicals
Stand Number: 47
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

True Blue are an Australian owned and manufactured business, with over 30 years of industry experience. We manufacture premium cleaning and hygiene products, with a focus on hospitality, healthcare, and industrial market sectors.

Our premium product range provides solutions in areas of janitorial, food processing, laundry, housekeeping, degreasing, odour control, and hand & body care.

We are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations with a range of value add services, and most importantly a focus on amazing partnerships, best in class products, and incredible performance

Business Website Address: www.truebluechemicals.com.au

Brand Name: Victory Innovations
Stand Number: 140
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

7 years ago our three founders combined years of hands-on experience, technical expertise and market know-how to create the best cordless electrostatic sprayer on the market. And with locations and distributors across multiple regions and in over 40 countries, we’re creating positive change everywhere.

Creation, connection, transaction — a lot happens on surfaces. That’s why it’s important that transmission doesn’t. With electrostatic sprayers from Victory Innovations you can get the complete surface disinfection solution you need to help protect the people and spaces that matter most.

Business Website Address: www.victoryinnovations.com

Stand Number: 83
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

VVIP Cleaning is a residential and commercial cleaning service provider offering high-quality services at a cost-effective price. We strictly adhere to the highest industry standards of service practices and under no circumstances do we allow our quality to dip down. We continuously strive to improve our performances and have already gained substantial number of returning client base and a strong reputation to be proud of.

Our proficient cleaning services cater to both commercial and residential properties that comes with highly qualified and experienced personnel to ensure that your home or commercial property is immaculately cleaned from top to bottom.

We pay close attention to each and every inch of your space to leave them with a spotless finish. With our years of experience and expertise, our team of cleaning experts are always prepared to reinvigorate your bathroom, kitchen and restore your bedroom to ensure you are left with a clean and hygienic home that is spotless and healthy.

We offer flexible scheduling at your convenience to ensure minimal disruption to your business. Upon hearing your cleaning requirements, we offer a customised solution that is appropriate to your needs that falls within your budget. Our technical support is available 24/7 to answer your queries and provide any technical support to meet your needs.

Business Website Address: https://vvipcleaningaustralia.com.au/

Brand Name: White Magic / Scot Young Research
Stand Number: 68
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

JTY Australia is the official distributor of both White Magic and SYR products for the Australian and NZ commercial cleaning market. White Magic has pioneered the use of “just add water” melamine sponges in the commercial cleaning arena since 2003. In 2020 JTY was appointed the exclusive distributor for Scot Young Research (SYR) products. SYR products manufacture innovative and quality commercial cleaning tools that have been used and tested in the most challenging environments of Fast Food, Hospitals and Aged Care since 1954. Visit our stand to see how we can improve your cleaning game

Business Website Address:

Brand Name: Winc.
Stand Number: 22
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

Winc is a workplace supplies company. We free up companies to do what they do best by taking care of everything a workplace needs to work – all in one place and delivered. This includes a vast offering of cleaning and facilities supplies.

We’re here for all organisations, whether they’re an SME or large enterprise, in education or health, private sector or government, delivering next business day in major metro areas.

Our customers are supported by our team of ISSA Accredited Health, Hygiene and Safety experts who specialize in delivering tailored solutions for our customers.

Business Website Address: https://www.winc.com.au/

Brand Name: ZOONO®
Stand Number: 159
Exhibitor Status: Exhibitor

Business Description:

ZOONO®‘s long-lasting sanitisers stop germs in their tracks. Our innovative technology is backed by over 150 lab reports, so you can trust ZOONO® to keep you, your family, and your business protected.

Business Website Address:

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