What Does ‘Clean’ Mean?

Panel Discussion: What does ‘clean’ mean?


By it title alone the ‘cleaning’ industry often creates preconceived viewpoints and ideologies of outcomes. However, the issue with assumptions is that one discovers not everyone assumes the same. With technological, scientific and product advancements as well as tighter regulations and economic constraints – what does this mean to the definition of ‘clean’. Join this panel as they discuss what ‘clean’ means and how it is defined by their area of the industry.

  1. Matt Marsh

Panel Chair, Managing Director, Sebastiangroup

  1. Bridget Gardner

Director, High Performance Cleaning Solutions

  1. Peter Rundle

Managing Director, Frontline Support

  1. Chris Chuah

National Operations Manager, Frasers Property Australia


Thursday, 24th October
11:45 am — 12:30 pm

ISSA Speaker Theatre

Matt Marsh, Bridget Gardner, Peter Rundle, Chris Chuah