Exhibitor Sales Tips for Melbourne

You are about to participate in the new, main event in the Oceania cleaning industry and ISSA wants you to be as successful as possible. That involves a good strategy, plenty of preparation, efforts to drive traffic to your stand, creativity and solid customer service on-site, plus proper follow-up. With 70% new exhibitors to the ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo, you need to cover all of your bases to ensure that you attract the maximum visitors. Ensure strong return on your Expo investment by checking out the following resources:

New Tips Webinar

Find out what cleaning customers say are the biggest trends impacting their purchasing decisions, plus gain valuable insight into what will help your message stick – up to 90% if you follow some of the advice you’ll find during this helpful overview. View the webinar recording here: https://issa.ilinc.com/join/wzrwfcj

Stand Staffing Formula

How many people do you need to handle the flow of customers? Find out in this quick tip sheet, plus find a bonus formula in the above Webinar. Calculate your staffing today.
Download: Stand Staffing Formula

Effective Press Release & Pre-show promotions

The average trade fair attendee visits only 26 stands. Attendees to ISSA events typically visit more, but that is due to a mix of ISSA attraction points around the event as well as your own effort to get the word out prior to the event. Ensure they will pick you out of the more than 70 exhibitors in Melbourne.

– Use the below press release template as a start.
– Add the email banner to your company’s communications and the web banner to a prominent location on your site.
– Invite customers to have meetings during the final afternoon so your slowest time is still usefully filled.
Download: Tips for Effective Press Release (pdf), Email Banner (jpg), Web Banner (jpg)

Attract Attention

Make the most of your stand investment to drive interest in your company and solutions. Grab one of these limited attraction opportunities outside of your stand (link to new sponsorship flyer) before they are sold out. Plus, from creative use of colours to picking the right people to staff your area, check out these easy steps.
Download: Attract Visitors to Your Stand

Seal the Deal

Your exhibition investment all comes down to the relationships you’ll start and build throughout the week. Ensure the best return with these simple closing recommendations.
Download: Closing the Sale