Cell Biosciences Pty Ltd

Cell Biosciences Pty Ltd
Cell Biosciences Pty Ltd

Are your cleaning processes effective?  Validate and verify your cleaning and hygiene program, with our range of products. Simple, rapid, actionable.

AccuPoint Advanced – the only ATP system with independent AOAC Research Institute approval. Actionable results in 20 seconds.  Data Manager software to record results, prepare reports, and help with audit compliance.

NeoNet – Cloud Based software lets you utilise your AccuPoint results at multiple sites, nationally and internationally for comparison, compliance, benchmarking and reporting.

AccuClean Advanced – detect protein residue at levels as low as 10ug in 10 seconds, no instrumentation needed.

ANSR Listeria Right Now – environmental Listeria testing in < 1 hour. No enrichment required.

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